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Streamroot is a leading provider of cross-platform distributed OTT delivery technologies for media groups, content publishers and enterprise customers. Powering over 20 million video sessions every day, Streamroot’s peer-to-peer, midstream CDN switching and eCDN solutions offer broadcasters a key competitive advantage through improved quality of service, greater audience reach and infinite delivery capacity with zero infrastructure investment. Streamroot is supported on web and mobile platforms, as well as Android and iOS set-top boxes for the broadest user coverage on the market. Founded in 2013 in France, the company today benefits from VC funding and serves premier media groups from its Paris, New York and Denver offices.

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World Cup 2018: Streamroot Powers Largest Ever Deployment of Distributed Network Delivery for Video Streaming
Broadcasters turn to cutting-edge distributed delivery solution Streamroot DNA™ to scale to online audiences as major international sporting events go over-the-top.
TF1 Group, the largest European media group, selects Streamroot distributed delivery technology to power its online video offerings
Armed with a powerful digital and multi-screen strategy, the group is increasingly innovating in web, mobile and emerging online media formats. With its MYTF1 digital platform already seeing more than 1.3 billion videos viewed in 2017, TF1 sought out state-of-the-art delivery solutions to ensure long-term scalability and profitability and chose Streamroot.
Streamroot chosen to power video streaming for Spanish public television RTVE after winning the first public tender for peer-to-peer video delivery
Streamroot was selected by Spanish public broadcaster RTVE (Radiotelevisión Española), the largest audiovisual group in Spain, to power VoD and live video delivery for its online video platform.
French Public Broadcaster France Télévisions chooses Streamroot as its Peer-to-peer Video CDN Provider
Streamroot was selected by France Télévisions, the French national public television broadcaster, to power VoD and live video delivery for its online video platform, after winning public tender for peer-accelerated online video delivery with France’s biggest audiovisual group.
Streamroot joins the Streaming Video Alliance to help shape the future of online video
Streamroot was selected to become a principal member of the Streaming Video Alliance, an industry forum comprised of leading companies from the online video ecosystem. As a principal member, Streamroot joins NBCUniversal, FOX Networks, Sky, Disney Streaming Services, Comcast, Amazon Web Services and others in developing best practices, guidelines and technical specifications that address critical challenges in online video.
Streamroot reveals DNA Enterprise, the eCDN solution empowering companies to stream high-quality video across global enterprise networks
Streamroot introduces Streamroot DNA Enterprise, an adaptive peer-to-peer eCDN for high-quality streaming within corporate networks, which eliminates the need to invest in costly bandwidth, hardware or labor, while offering the TV-like video experience employees have grown accustomed to.


2018 World Cup: Streamroot Helps National Broadcasters Scale to Unprecedented Audiences
Learn how Streamroot helped national broadcasters in Europe and Latin America power World Cup 2018 video delivery.
Streamroot DNA™ for VOD platforms
Learn how Streamroot DNA™ enables VOD platforms to increase the quality of online video while reducing costs.
Streamroot DNA™ for live streaming platforms
Learn how Streamroot DNA™ increases the quality of live video while reducing costs.


Streamroot DNA™
Working in tandem with your current CDN infrastructure, Streamroot's WebRTC-based peer-to-peer video CDN dynamically retrieves segments
Streamroot DNA Enterprise
With Streamroot DNA Enterprise, bring your company’s most important messages in high definition to employees across the globe.
Streamroot Compass is a dynamic in-stream CDN selector that automates traffic management while customising video delivery to every viewer.
Streamroot DNA Complete
Combining both a traditional video streaming CDN and our patented peer-accelerated video delivery in a single solution, Streamroot DNA Compl

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