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Vimond IO

Vimond IO is a revolutionary cloud-based video storytelling application running in your very own web browser. It saves your time and streamlines your workflow. Produce high quality, frame-accurate video stories any time, from any location, together. Create stories anywhere in your web browser Frame-accurate video and audio editing in a web browser Live clipping and automatic archival of live streams Create stories in multiple formats simultaneously One click publishing Familiar user interface Auto-scalable cloud environment Save time - create the perfect story

Live Channel Planner

By combining live channels and electronic program guide (EPG) data in an efficient view, Live Channel Planner is a one-stop-shop for channel planning and monitoring. Monitor the inbound live feeds on a streamlined timeline, and use imported EPGs as a basis for program creation, complete with content ingestion and scheduling. Create, manage and monitor a high number of simultaneous live channels and events Automated transitioning of live streams to on-demand videos Ingest, creation and management of EPG-data Flexible APIs for building automated workflows

Content Curator

Content Curator is a complete editorial solution for video. It lets you organize content in different collections such as carousels and featured lists. The user interface is optimized for an efficient workflow with advanced search and filtering options, batch modes, and keyboard shortcuts. Create, modify, and publish collections Navigate through lists and sublists Search for content Copy or link collections Lock items to prevent editing Batch actions Customize metadata fields Add rich imagery Archive collections and assets


Monetization is our powerful business product. Organize your subscription plans, create compelling content packages, map them to relevant content, and manage end-user payment. Create compelling product packages and offers Set the pricing, duration and availability of subscription plans Manage subscriptions, renewals and vouchers Payment integrations with Braintree, Cybersource, Dibs and NETS Transaction processing


Orchestrator is a powerful video engine running under our hood. It lets you manage the flow of your videos from ingestion, via transcoding and DRM encryption, to playout. Orchestrator is flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs. And – it's scalable and efficient. Built-in support for a full range of ingest and playout formats Auto-scalable transcoding Multiple language audio Sideloading of subtitles DRM support Packaging Pre-fragmenting Distribution End-to-end monitoring

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