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Axinom is a digital solutions provider in the media and entertainment industry, delivering next-gen scalable and robust OTT platforms to some of the biggest media, broadcast, and telecommunications organizations. Our products span content management (Axinom CMS), backend interfaces and services (Axinom BIS), content protection with multi-DRM service (Axinom DRM), media ingest and processing (Axinom VIP), and a frontend SDK (Axinom FE SDK) that enables custom frontend applications connected with our backend. Through numerous integration possibilities, with third-party or existing customer systems and numerous services, our platform is capable of subscriber management, analytics, reporting, personalized advertising and much more.

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OTT as a source of growth and revenue for telcos
A Modern CMS for a Global OTT


Axinom CMS
Axinom CMS (Content Management System) is a fully extensible content management system with highly automated media workflows for SVOD, TVOD,
Axinom DRM
Axinom DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a robust and highly scalable multi-DRM service in the cloud that supports latest industry standard
Axinom VIP
Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing) reduces technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution and ensures compatibil
Axinom BIS
Axinom BIS (Backend Interfaces and Services) provides a seamless way to integrate various interfaces and services out-of-the-box with Axinom
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Axinom is a leading OTT solutions provider that serves many of the world’s prominent telcos and broadcasters.
Axinom shared an update
10 months 2 days ago