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Phenix Real-Time Streaming is a standards compliant solution built from the ground up that delivers synchronous, high-quality video to millions of concurrent viewers with less than 500ms of latency. Conventional IP streaming to mass audiences frustrates viewers with delays of 30–120 seconds behind the action, and viewers are out of sync with each other by several seconds. The game viewing experience is thus spoiled when users get push notifications and text messages from friends with information about the game 30 seconds to 2 minutes before they see it. Key Features Include: a) 300–500ms End-ToEnd Latency: Deliver streams in real-time across the globe with standards-compliant protocols on all devices. b) Dynamic Scalability: Handle flash-crowds and scale to millions of concurrent viewers without sacrificing quality or latency. c) Industry Leading Start and Switch Time: Time-To-First-Frame (TTFF) of less than 1 second is well below the industry average of 3–6 seconds. d) Industry Standard Content Protection: Protect your content levering AES encryption, user authorization and revocation. e) Multi-Bitrate Adaptive Streaming: Phenix's unique real-time, multi-bitrate transcoding delivers the best possible experience to each viewer. f) Synchronous Viewing: Patent-pending SyncWatch™ technology delivers a synchronous viewing experience on all devices across the entire audience.

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