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About us

VoiceInteraction is a product company dedicated to speech processing technologies. First established in 2008, the company’s focus is anchored by the research and development of Automatic Speech Recognition, Text to Speech, Dialogue Systems and Natural Language Processing. The goal - to extract ‘Knowledge from speech’. Pioneers in A.I. solutions, VoiceInteraction bases its practices on ‘Machine Learning’ algorithms and ‘Deep Neural’ networks. Supported by a strong technical background, with a research department that employs several PhD’s. Best-in-class software engineers that produce state-of-the-art cohesive products, on top of our proprietary technology, in order to deliver a fully horizontal answer to multiple markets. VoiceInteraction is already a reference for Automatic Closed Captioning, Broadcast Compliance and Media Assets Transcription for TV stations. With over 500 clients worldwide across Europe, Asia, South and North America. VoiceInteraction continues working towards providing excellence in automated speech processing technologies for your business. If you would like to know more about our solutions, please get in touch through our email: info@voiceinteraction.tv


Audimus.Media was built upon VoiceInteraction’s speech processing technology as a proprietary automatic captioning system comprising state-of-the-art signal processing and Machine Learning techniques targeting live shows. A solution that covers the captioning accessibility requirements to live TV broadcasting, Internet streaming, VOD publishing, and video metadata indexing, with advanced audio signal analysis, large vocabulary speech recognition, speaker identification, automatic punctuation, and content segmentation to produce highly accurate captions with low latency.
MMS - Broadcast Edition
Our Media Monitoring Solution for the Broadcast Industry is a fully automated and integrated solution for video recording, compliance, storage, and retrieval, comprising real-time tools for automatic transcription, segmentation and topic indexing of TV contents, based on VoiceInteraction’s proprietary technology alongside Machine Learning Techniques. A solution for legal recording TV programming and building large-sized (searchable) audiovisual archives with different purposes (audit, reissuing, building multiplatform clips).