Turkcell selects Witbe to monitor the QoE of its video services

Witbe has been selected by Turkcell, a digital operator headquartered in Turkey, to automate the analysis and testing of their main end-user digital services such as BiP, TV+, Fizy and many others. Witbe will also cover the automation testing of Turkcell set-top-boxes and third party set-top-boxes. Witbe Robots will support Turkcell to provide the best video quality and user experience to its customers. 

Turkcell wants to provide the best-in-class experience to its customers. Therefore, it sought out cutting edge technology to make sure that new app releases and changes in the encoding backend or in the set-top-box software do not introduce any kind of error on the videos they play back on their set-top boxes and/or mobile devices. Turkcell has decided to work with Witbe to cope with this challenge, choosing Witbe Video & Media Robots and proprietary algorithms Witbe VQMOS and Witbe VQ-ID, representing precisely how the human eye perceives the quality of a video. Witbe Robots will ensure that any video quality disruptions will be detected before the deployment of any changes and will speed up the analysis and diagnostics of sporadic field issues. 

Elif Yenihan Kaya, access network capabilities director at Turkcell, said: “It is fundamental for us to deliver the best end-user experience for Turkcell customers. We will keep working with Witbe for continuously improving the Quality of Experience.” 

Mathieu Planche, chief executive officer at Witbe, said: “We are very proud that we were selected by Turkcell. We are helping them to deliver an impeccable Quality of Experience to their customers. It is also an honor for us to add Turkcell to our European customer base, supporting our ongoing growth in the Turkish market.”


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