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Axinom DRM

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Axinom DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a robust and scalable multi-DRM service residing in-cloud or on-premises. It supports the latest industry standards, including MPEG-DASH, Common Encryption, and Encrypted Media Extensions. Through its unified API, supporting multiple DRM technologies (Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay, and Google Widevine), the service enables customers to target a wide range of client platforms with a single service.

Axinom CMS

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Axinom CMS (Content Management System) is a fully extensible content management system built to meet the requirements of the media and aerospace industry in managing many content types, metadata, and services. The capabilities span automated workflows for the digital supply chain, asset and metadata management, catalog and product management, e-commerce, advertising, customer management, and secure multi-channel delivery to all types of client devices. The interfaces and services layer of Axinom CMS provides a seamless and automated way to integrate various interfaces and services out-of-the-box either with Axinom or any other backend systems.

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Taking Entertainment Across Borders

The needs and various nuances of an OTT platform that aims to go global with its content and generate revenues.

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