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Optimizing media operations through workflows automation and increasing flexibility through cloud-based solutions


Combining linear and online TV into new advertising models, such as Interactive and Addressable TV Adv, leveraging HbbTV and ATSC 3.0


Enhancement of Metadata Management to drive efficiency and scale, as well as enabling new interactive and AI based services such as augmented overlays, contextual advertising, shoppable content and a variety of other emerging Next Gen Hybrid TV scenarios


Design and implementation of innovative B2B and B2C OTT solutions, including engaging omnichannel UX/UI, personalized content and advanced commerce-based and advertising-based monetization capabilities


Efficiently tracking and maximizing exploitation of available content and derived formats, leveraging at best all delivery platforms across linear and non-linear services, all while ensuring compliance with rights constraints

Press Releases

Fincons Group joins Deutsche TV-Plattform

Fincons Group, a leading IT management consultancy for the Media & Broadcast sector, through its German subsidiary Fincons.DE GmbH, joins Deutsche TV-Plattform, the German non-profit association whose purpose, since its foundation in 1990, is to introduce, disseminate and further develop digital Television in Germany.

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The Big Bold Future of TV

This is a time of transition for the media and broadcast industry with merger and joint venture activity hotting up like never before. Fincons Group has been working with the industry for 36 years on pioneering projects such as the launch of the HbbTV standard in Europe and the preparation for ATSC 3.0’s take-off in the USA, witnessing the evolution of the market but also helping broadcasters get in the driving seat and direct change. We asked Oliver Botti, Head of International Business Development and Innovation at Fincons Group, and Alberto Niero, Head of Media BU of Fincons Group, what they think are the key developments businesses should be keeping an eye on.

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ATSC 3. 0: A Revolution for U.S. Broadcasters

A look at how ATSC 3.0 can boost advertising capabilities for broadcasters. The ATSC 3.0 standard brings an exciting time for U.S. broadcasters as a flood of new tools hits the market equipping traditional broadcasters to explore what Hybrid TV has to offer. By drawing on Europe as an example, U.S. broadcasters have access to a series of real-life examples of the ways traditional broadcasters have expanded their reach into digital through Hybrid TV. Europe has in fact been a Hybrid TV pioneer and has witnessed the debunking of traditional “TV watching.”

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Fincons Group expands services in Germany: CEO interview

Italian IT business consultancy Fincons Group has strengthened its foothold in Germany through a local office in Munich, enabling the company to extend its range of services for local players and reach out to new customers. In an exclusive interview with Broadband TV News, Michele Moretti, CEO of Fincons Group, and Francesco Moretti, deputy CEO of Fincons Group and CEO of Fincons.US, explain the reasons for the move and the company’s future plans.

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Fincons Group and The Associated Press: unbundling content for new products creation

After launching in January, AP’s new ‘product and price console’ rings in first results and reveals further potential Fincons Group, a leading IT business consultancy, continues to be The Associated Press’ choice as the new flexible distribution platform, the Product and Price Console (PPC) which launched at the start of the year, begins to provide results and shows additional scope for potential.The solution was developed specifically to respond to AP’s content distribution transformation objective of addressing evolving market demand with a more flexible pricing model. The requirement was to create a platform that enabled AP’s sales teams to bundle or unbundle product, improve product definition, and define specific  pricing tools to match different customer needs.  

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How to accelerate the launch of your Next Gen Hybrid TV?

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US broadcasters can develop their Next Gen TV applications efficiently, leveraging European experiences.

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Breaking the mold: how convergence is enabling a new era for TV advertising

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The new opportunities provided by broadcast-broadband convergence are just starting to be ...

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The long view on changes in OTT

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At Fincons Group we believe that future-proof OTT provision will need to include...

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Article published on The Telegraph

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