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About us

Videon has a long history delivering cutting edge video technologies in partnership with companies including Qualcomm, Intel and Samsung. We have played a critical role in the innovation around DVD, set-top-boxes and inflight entertainment. Today, we proudly introduce Videon’s on premise Video Compute Platform. What started as a single appliance has now become the video compute platform delivered as a single unified hardware and software stack along with a complete set of tools that allows customers, partners, system integrators, and developers to build ultra-reliable, low cost and highly customizable video-centric solutions.


Videon EdgeCaster Edge Compute Encoder
Videon EdgeCaster edge compute encoders enable ultra-low-latency live streaming at an ultra-low cost. Efficiently handling transcoding, format repackaging from RTMP to HLS/DASH, and creation of multiple bitrates at the network edge, EdgeCaster devices bypass a layer of cloud-based processing and, in turn, reduce latency to as little as <3 seconds while cutting the average user’s streaming costs by 50%. The EdgeCaster offers higher performance and a lower fixed cost per stream in addressing the requirements of delay-sensitive video applications, as well as applications with high-volume streaming to limited numbers of viewers per stream.
Videon VersaStreamer Video Streaming/Recording System
The Videon VersaStreamer all-in-one video streaming and recording system provides unparalleled flexibility in simultaneous streaming to multiple platforms and destinations — social media, video sharing sites, a CDN for streaming via a website, or even a local network or display. With multiple simultaneous RTMP outputs, HEVC/H.264 support, MPEG-TS support, and streaming bit rates up to 30 Mbps, as well as recording to a backup USB, VersaStreamer gives the pro AV and broadcast markets the exceptional versatility, robust feature set, and attractive price point ideal for lower-cost 1080p H.264 streaming or for 4K HEVC streaming.