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RSTOR is a next-generation software-defined cloud solution provider that helps enterprises take control of their data. RSTOR is a true borderless, multi-cloud platform with simple and predictable pricing that enterprises can build their businesses on today while preparing for tomorrow’s edge computing environments. Founded by a team of executives experienced in hyperscaling, RSTOR received a $45 million "Series A" investment from Cisco Investments in 2017 and a further $35 million in 2019 from Digital Alpha. For more information, visit: RSTOR.io.


RSTOR Space is a globally distributed, data storage mesh. It is a ground up new architecture, where object storage and high-capacity networks function as one platform. It allows performant access to a single data pool for any application, from any cloud provider and any connected location.
RSTOR Transporter
RSTOR Transporter is a cloud-integrated service for moving large quantities of data between any object storage system and any cloud provider. It’s fast, secure, reliable and incredibly simple to use.
RStorage Whitepaper
We believe the cloud service model is broken, so RSTOR created a new way to utilize the cloud with new business model.
Reimagining Storage for a Data-Centric World
Vital advice for any enterprises considering how they should manage their data in a modern hybrid and multi-cloud environment