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Don’t miss a chance to see 4K Fast Channel Changing and Precise Rewinding from Live TV Demo Qarva – Stand – C652 IPTV End-to-End solution: FastSwitch - Channel Change Time 0.2 Seconds aQua Video Server – Instant Rewind from Live TV Full Support of UltraHD 4K OTT End-to-End Solution: Qarva MultiPipe – OTT Streaming Server Pix Rewinding - LiveTV Touch and Slide Rewinding with Film Strip Visualization Multiscreen - TV on any device Full Support of UltraHD 4K Qarva Teleport Transport High-Quality TV Signals Reliably with No Latency OTT MultiPipe – No Latency Streaming Technology Full Support of UltraHD 4k


Qarva OTT End-to-End Solution
Qarva OTT End-to-End Solution represents a bundle of seamlessly integrated products that come with full stack of professional services. Solution provides all modern services and achieve superior and sustainable customer experience through various delivery channels including Set-top Boxes, Smart TV’s, IOS and Android operated devices, Personal computers connected to network.
IPTV End-End-Solution
Qarva IPTV End-to-End Solution represents a bundle of seamlessly integrated products that come with full stack of professional services. Solution provides all modern services and achieve superior and sustainable customer experience through Linux and Android Set-top-Boxes.
Qarva Teleport
Don't have time to wait? Want to eliminate overhead latency? Send the content across the globe without it costing the earth - Qarva Teleport is a real-time software solution that transports the content from one location to a secondary location in a sub-second. Based on award-winning Qarva Multipipe technology, Teleport transports High-Quality TV Signals reliably over the internet, without CDN servers and eradicates glass-to-glass latency. Qarva Teleport is easy to deploy and integrate with new and legacy systems, so broadcasters can guarantee that they can send and receive high
Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) are the predominant features in viewer selection of IPTV industry. Qarva FastSwitch has been created to meet the market needs and improve the TV experience for the subscribers. Qarva FastSwitch (FCC/PLR) solves two major issues: slow channel change time and lost packets with IPTV and slow channel change time with DVB-c systems
aQua Video Server
Freedom of watching the content anytime, hand attracts subscribers and increases their loyalty towards the service provider at one hand but on the other requires huge hardware investments. That’s why Qarva is focused on optimizing the use of hardware resources while keeping all the key features in place. Qarva aQua technology allows one touch instant rewind from live TV without deterioration in quality. Our unique indexing method ensures absolute precision when instant rewind from live TV or Time shift begins and stops at the same moment the viewer wishes to pause or resume
Qarva Pix
Qarva has developed the ultimate in IP Television trick play; Qarva Pix. This is a unique feature providing “slide rewinding” similar to that seen on smart phones. Using a finger the viewer can sweep the video content forward or back and stop. The amount of content the scrolling frames represent is user chosen; an hour, a minute, a second. It is a highly accurate and immersive way for the user to choose exactly where they want to be in the content. When a frame is chosen it can be expanded with a hand gesture and re-divided into smaller segments so the user can find what they are looking for down to the second. The Qarva Pix server, part of the Qarva QoE ecosystem, receives frames from the aQua server and renders them as a linear sequence of ‘film frames’ that can be manipulated to and fro. When the user chooses to stop and returns to the play mode the device is seamlessly returned to the aQua buffered recording or the live stream.
Qarva Multiscreen
As well as delivering your TV wherever you are, OTT should also be available on all your devices with the same quality and functionality as on your TV with high quality and low delay. Qarva Multiscreen delivers the ‘TV Everywhere’ experience for your subscribers bringing the benefits of Fast Channel Change, MultiPipe, aQua Video Server, and UHD 4K to Smart TVs, SmartPhones and Tablets. This application allows viewing of live TV channels as well as recordings, choosing the desired TV content from an Electronic Program Guide UI. Qarva’s Multiscreen App delivers all Qarva’s functionality to multiple devices including TimeShift control allowing the user to go directly to the specified time in the TV channel recording or search with fast and smooth rewind and fast forward.
Qarva MultiPipe
Qarva MultiPipe – OTT Streaming Technology Over The Top (OTT) technology, is used for Internet TV delivery. This gives ability to provide TV Service to subscribers over the Internet, “on top” of subscriber's local Internet Service Provider (ISP). Internet TV benefits: • Works with subscriber's already existing Internet Connection. • It is unlimited geographically, subscribers can be anywhere all over the world. • It allows to watch TV using one account anytime and anywhere there is the Internet. • It allows to watch channels and movies with the several devices: TV, PC and Smartphones. Mostly used OTT TV protocol is HLS (HTTP Live Streaming). Using HLS protocol, Streaming Server is sending files by 10-second video chunks to the subscriber. This results in long buffering and big delay, subscriber is watching TV with 20-40 seconds delay from Live TV. As mentioned above, the main and important benefit of Internet TV is - no geographical limitations. However, in case of HLS, the further subscriber is located from the streaming server, the more problem occurs, as connection bitrate is lower and as a result video quality is lower as well. In case of using HLS protocol, in order to improve video quality, thousands of cascaded CDN servers around the world are needed. CDN is the Content Delivery Network. This is built or rented cascaded servers around the world. This shortens the distance between subscriber and streaming server and increases video quality. But the channel change time and delay from Live TV problems still exist. Is CDN real solution? A lot of servers around the world impose substantial costs when rented or built, but there are still unsolved problems and dissatisfied subscribers. What does Qarva offer? Qarva offers unique, cost-effective solution, Qarva MultiPipe OTT Streaming Technology. Qarva MultiPipe allows using whole bandwidth of local internet connection for accessing video even from another continent, getting HD quality instead of low 500Kbps quality which is hardly consumable. Qarva MultiPipe is TCP/IP based protocol, which uses persistent connections to multiple streaming servers around the world to receive and aggregate content data. Up to 32 servers could be used at the same time. With usual far distance limitation per connection of 0.5Mb/s this gives us content delivery speed up to 16Mb/s. Qarva MultiPipe could be integrated as proxy agent for older platforms or using provided libraries for most performance. In case of using MultiPipe proxy agent on end user device, aggregated video stream will be outputted to the device's legacy player as HTTP video stream or HLS video stream. Qarva MultiPipe key benefits: • High Bitrates, High Video Quality • Fastest TV Channel Change Time, down to 0.3 seconds. • Almost no Delay from Live TV (down to 3 sec) • Smoothest and precise Timeshifting.
Qarva UltraHD 4K
Qarva provides UltraHD 4K solution for full range of IPTV and OTT services. Demand for High Quality Quality of Experience (QoE) is getting more and more predominant issue in every service. Watching TV is part of entertainment. Viewers do not tolerate waiting and slow reaction on remote control commands. They demand instant, smooth and precise operation of TV service. Ultra HD is aimed to increase Quality of User Experience and besides video quality, fast and smooth operation of IPTV and OTT systems is highly demanded. As open Internet is used for OTT TV service delivery QoE challenge is getting even harder in the Era of Internet TV. Technical solutions for high QoE Technical solutions must comply with new challenges coming with UltraHD. High QoE is primary challenge for technical solutions of UltraHD. TV Service Operators require higher performing and much more cost effective streaming servers to fulfill new demands of UltraHD that needs 3 times more bandwidth. Delivering UltraHD through Internet is a challenge by itself. UltraHD bandwidth requirement is minimum 15Mbit/s and preferable 25Mbit/s and this is not easy task for Internet delivery. Using the standard technical solutions, these high bitrates require extreme proximity of viewer device with streaming server. Standard way to have streaming servers close to the end user is to use external CDN that have thousands of streaming servers spread all over the world. What does Qarva offer? Qarva as an innovator and best user experience creator engages in this emerging huge market of UltraHD 4K. We have full support for UltraHD 4K and HEVC for full range of Qarva products for IPTV and OTT, including: • FastSwitch – Fast Channel Change (FCC) and Packet Loss Recovery (PLR) • aQua Video Server – VoD, TimeShifting, Pause, Rewind from Live TV, NPVR • MultiPipe – OTT streaming for long range highest quality video delivery Qarva offers the best user experience in a cost-effective way. Qarva MultiPipe technology solves the high bitrate delivery challenge of UltraHD 4K by allowing any-high bitrate delivery through any-far distances. Qarva UltraHD 4K with Qarva MultiPipe allows using of whole bandwidth of local Internet connection for accessing video even from another continent, getting UltraHD quality instead of very low quality. How we do it? Basically, Internet streaming has an inherent limitation: TCP connection speeds get lower with the increase of range and round-trip-time from streaming server to the user device. On the other hand, ISP interconnections and Internet exchange points impose additional shaping for each connection. Qarva MultiPipe is TCP/IP based protocol that uses multiple persistent connections to one or multiple streaming servers around the world to receive and aggregate content data. While each connection gets lower speed with the increase of distance and round-trip-time, MultiPipe aggregates many of these low speed “pipes” and gets one big pipe with high-speed transport. Qarva MultiPipe could be integrated as proxy agent for older platforms or using provided libraries for most performances. In case of using aggregated video stream will be outputted to the device’s legacy player as HTTP video stream or HLS video stream. Qarva UltraHD 4K key benefits: • UltraHD, 25 Mbps video – delivered from one server to anywhere in the world • Fastest TV Channel Change Time • No Delay from Live TV • Instant and Smooth Rewind from Live TV with Precise positioning • TimeShifting and CatchUp • Network PVR • VoD
About Qarva
Qarva is a global provider of end-to-end software solutions for the IPTV, OTT and hybrid TV industry. Putting the user experience at the heart of its business, Qarva is dedicated to the provisioning of high quality, scalable, robust and cost-effective solutions that will improve the viewer’s TV experience and quality of service. In an era where the choice lies with the viewer, Qarva works hand-in-hand with its customers and partners to develop and deliver solutions that meet the challenges of today’s marketplace as well as the challenges of the future. As an innovator Qarva, is always up to date with the latest technologies and innovations, leaning to create the unique technologies, solutions and features for the huge Internet TV industry. Qarva team has launched the 4K unique streaming technology in Singapore - 2014 and has been offering the best TV experience with the Fastest channel change solution since 2008. In an era where the Globe is twirling on internet technologies, where the innovations are replacing each other very rapidly, subscribers expect high quality HD content to be streamed seamlessly to IP enabled devices, with no latency, no buffering, the ability to control the content at the touch of a button and specially the chance to get the personalized service on multiscreen devices anywhere, OVER THE GLOBE. That’s exactly what Qarva delivers. Ensuring a positive and engaging user experience is critical to achieving success and reducing subscriber churn. Qarva’s intuitive and easy-to-integrate software solutions provide partner with the opportunity to gain competitive advantage in today’s IP-enabled and interconnected market, both now and in the future.